Amongst the horse population that Fiona treats, there are horses used for PC, ARC, trail riding, Western riding, endurance, dressage, show jumping, cross country, eventing, showing, breeding, racing, Riding for the Disabled and hippotherapy. There are also miniature horses, paddock mates and horses that are just part of the family.


Aswell as primary musculoskeletal issues, chiropractic can help with counteracting compensations due to lower leg / hoof pain, arising from laminitis, abscesses, arthritis, tendon and ligament injuries etc.


Girthiness can be a physical problem , not just behavioural, and chiropractic can be very effective in assisting in these cases, even in very chronic cases.


Fiona is a certified saddle fitter and will assess your horse’s saddle fit with respect to the soreness or behavioural changes that your horse may be experiencing.

Does My Horse Need a Chiropractor?

Signs that your horse may benefit from a chiropractic assessment:

  • He is sensitive (eg when rugged), or resents being groomed over one area of the body
  • He is girthy
  • He has had / is having saddle fit issues
  • He dips and tightens his back when mounted / dismounted
  • He has trouble standing square or difficulty turning
  • He starts resisting small circle work
  • He starts avoiding the bit, or becomes poll shy
  • He is sour or begins bucking, pigrooting or rushing
  • He drags a hind foot or trips often
  • He resists a canter transition or disunites / falls out of canter after a few strides
  • He has areas of increased or decreased sweating
  • He is short stepping or lame
  • He resists holding up his leg for hoof cleaning or the farrier

Most of the horses that Fiona treats are located within the area bordered by Kilmore to the north, Sunbury to the west, Healesville & Warburton to the east, and Upper Beaconsfield to the south.


She may travel further if there are 3 or more horses at one location. Travel expenses may be charged.